We recommend parking in residential spots close to the JCC.

Please download and print a parking pass, allowing you to park in 2-hour residential spots for the Rosh Hashanah Day Services and Yom Kippur Day Services. Display this pass in your windshield to avoid a ticket.
You do not need a placard for any of the other services. 

Do not park in yellow or green zones, parking meters, spaces that block driveways, drop off & pick up zones, or Safeway's lot. 
You will get ticketed or towed for all such infractions.

This placard does not guarantee leniency from tickets, 
but does help pre-alerted Berkeley parking enforcement from "passing over" your car. 
The JCC is not responsible for any tickets incurred.

If you should incur a ticket during Rosh Hashanah in a residential (non-parking meter) parking spot
and you displayed our sign indicating you were at services
please send a copy of your ticket right away to request its dismissal to: 

Shellie Hill
Traffic Bureau
Berkeley Police Department
841 Folger Street
Berkeley, CA 94710